Types of Service

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Types of Service



For Adults

  • Couple relationship problems
  • Premarital counseling
  • Communication skills
  • Divorce recovery
  • Depression
  • Career planning
  • Managing stress
  • Grief

For Children and Adolescents

  • Parenting challenges
  • Family conflict
  • Behavior problems
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Peer relationships
  • School challenges
  • Attention deficit and hyperactivity

Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling  is a really effective option when married couples are in serious trouble or just looking to enrich their relationship. I believe in marriage, so you can rest assured that as difficult as it might  be to find, if there is a solution, I can help you get it to preserve your marriage. A long- suffering relationship has many things to heal, and the path to recovery crosses through the bridges that need to be constructed with a counselor*s help, to regain the closeness that seems lost. The marriage counseling experience will let you and your spouse rediscover each other*s qualities and values, and to really talk and feel again, sharing renewed hopes and shared goals.

 Marriage and Relationship Enhancement Course

We offer a Marriage Enhancement Course that couples complete in just 8 weeks (one hour per week). This ground-breaking concept is hitting the globe in leaps and bounds. Our program is one of the best in the area at only a fraction of the cost. Other concepts, including couples weekends, cost $1,000 or more per course. At only $400 for the entire course, you're getting an astounding deal at only $50 per class! Where else can you go and get help with your marriage (and have fun doing it) for that price? That's cheaper than going out to dinner and a movie! Isn't your marriage or relationship worth it?


I will facilitate self-improvement classes for individual patients, mental health agencies and holistic healing centers. I specialize in relationship management and self-esteem. Fees for this service are based on number of classes - not number of students. Please contact me for more information on this service.

Children and Adolescents

Children often need a little help to overcome or work through different struggles. I am able to assist children to develop and/or reestablish a sense of comfort and peace with who they are. I  provide a safe, fun, and active approach at empowering children. Utilizing researched techniques and strategies in behavioral management, cognitive behavioral therapy, play therapy and creative arts therapy, I am skilled at making therapy a fun and life enhancing experience. I take this approach very seriously and help my patients embrace who they are, emphasizing all of their strengths to work through and adapt to their different challenges.

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