Internet and Concierge Counseling

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Bringing Therapy to You ... Regardless of Where you Live

A modern trend has arrived. No longer do you have to get in your car and travel a considerable distance for a therapy appointment. Gone are the days of waiting to pour your heart out in some office that has questionable safeguards for confidentiality and privacy. With Internet and Concierge Therapy, you can feel more comfortable and relaxed working through your emotional issues in the privacy of your own home or office.

Finding a qualified therapist in your area is no longer a problem. Internet and Concierge Therapy now provides you with the expertise of Sandra K. Westrope, PhD. Therapy sessions are scheduled at your time and convenience. A 50 minute session is all it takes. Why spend time traveling to and from a therapist's office?

Don't like to wait? Your session begins when you call in. Webcam via Skype or Facebook Messenger therapy is right there when you need it, at the time that is scheduled. Internet and Concierge Therapy simplifies the therapy experience ... just when you need it the most. One phone call is all it takes to get started...


Scheduling an Appointment 

Appointments are to be scheduled and paid in advance. On the day of your appointment, we will call you at a designated phone number at the scheduled time - no sooner or later. Remember, your session begins at that time. If you are late, that part of your session time will be lost. If you need to reschedule, we require a 24 hour cancellation notice. If you do not provide a 24-hour notice, the hourly fee will be charged.


An Initial Autobiography is Required

Before entering therapy, an autobiography is necessary. This screening tool provides us with an excellent opportunity to study your circumstances before your first session and get right to the point - saving you time and money (see below).  We will send you an E-mail with the new patient package. Please mail or E-mail the document so that it is received prior to your first session.

    • Tell why you are seeking help at this time of your life.
    • Describe yourself, your family and present life situation.
    • Give as much detail as you can concerning the circumstances surrounding childhood, your birth, medical issues; where you were born and raised; important relationships such as parents, siblings, grandparents, etc. 
    • Include your childhood, teenage and adult years - with its love relationships, engagements, marriages, breakups, divorces, deaths, losses and gains.
    • If difficulties concern a minor or significant other living at home with you, please include as much information about that person too. When did the behavior begin? Were there any events in his/her life that triggered its onset?
    • Give a brief occupational history and include descriptions concerning moods, anxiety and personality. Also include data concerning alcohol and substance abuse, smoking, and medications that you are presently taking.
    • Give a description of your cultural and spiritual background and history, if any. What religious or spiritual methods have you practised or used?

 Remit Payments Securely and Easily Through PayPal Here on our Website

Session payments can now be processed securely through PayPal using your credit or check debit card. PayPal is free and secure and is the payment service of choice for most professionals. Session payments must be received at least two days prior to your session to allow for bank processing. If payment by check or money order is preferred, please allow enough time for payment to reach us via the mail. Contact us with any questions that you might have. For an initial 50 minute session at $130, please go to the Payments page and choose your payment and session options.

 **Please keep in mind that an autobiography submitted prior to your session saves you time and money. Having your information on hand before therapy begins jumpstarts your progress and guarantees that your initial session is not spent gathering historical data. 



 Initial Intake and Confidentiality Forms

  • To protect client confidentiality and abide by licensing laws, clients must complete, sign, and submit all of the forms sent to you by our office at least 24 hours before your first session. 
    • Therapists are required to have face to face contact with their patients for the first session. This requirement is met via the Internet with a webcam on Skype or Facebook Messenger. You will be required to produce two forms of identification - one must be a photo form (driver's license, learner's permit, government ID).