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Speaking Engagements

Dr. Westrope is an expert in the field of human behavior and development. Highly-regarded and experienced, she delves deep into the human psyche and offers authentic, insightful knowledge of the dynamics of psychology.

Dr. Westrope speaks about self-help issues, depression and maintaining a happy lifestyle. She is prominent in the senior community providing help to seniors regarding senior mental health. She also does presentations on holistic sobriety and many other topics.

If you have a specific topic you would like Dr. Westrope to cover, please contact her with a  topic and to discuss a fee schedule. These are the topics we are currently presenting:

  • Senior Mental Health – Statistics About Senior Citizens And Their Mental Health
  • How To Be Happy – A Fun Presentation To Show People How To Be Happy
  • Two Choices – The Story Of A Man And His Choice To Be Happy
  • Herbal Remedies – How Herbal Remedies Can Affect Your Physical and Mental Health
  • Aromatherapy – How Scents Can Affect Your Physical and Mental Health
  • Chromotherapy – How Colors Can Affect Your Physical and Mental Health
  • 7 Things Happy, Healthy People Do Every Morning – Make the best of each morning and start the day happy
  • 10 Things To Remember When You Feel Lost And Alone – How to deal with being lonely
  • 18 Great Reminders When You’re Having A Bad Day – How to pick yourself up and make a bad day better
  • 27 Stressful Things You Tolerate Too Often – Things you put up with in your life that are not necessary
  • Anxiety And The Elderly – How the elderly suffer with anxiety
  • Facts About Senior Mental Health
  • Holistic Sobriety – Staying sober using holistic methods
  • How Older People Can Maintain Good Mental Health
  • Maintaining Mental And Emotional Health As You Age
  • The 10 Most Important Questions You Can Ask Yourself Today
  • Sleep Myths Among Older Adults