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Sandra K. Westrope, PhD

Dr. Westrope possesses three doctorate degrees in psychology and religion. This extensive training provides the knowledge and experience to work in an environment where we can treat mind, body and spirit. Dr. Westrope has been a practicing counseling psychologist since 1982 - that's over 35 years!

Doctor of Science in Counseling Psychology (PhD) 

Doctor of Ministry (DMin) and Doctor of Philosophy of Religion (PhD) 

Dr. Westrope's studies include child counseling strategies, consultation skills, family therapy, the counseling process, professional psychology issues, psychotherapy theories, counseling the young child and counseling adolescents. She possesses three clinical specialities in Child Counseling Strategies, Adult Survivors of Incest and Abused Women and Children.

Holistic counseling goes beyond the traditional form of psychology. Holistic counseling "does not require labeling, psychoanalyzing, or prescribing medicine." It can, however, be "used as an adjunct to clinical psychology." This form of therapy can speed up the healing process and provide deep emotional release safely and efficiently. It aims to heal patients on all levels, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Holistic counselors use a variety of therapies to bring their patients back to wellness. There are several different forms of counseling such as psychotherapy, art therapy, music therapy, sex therapy, life coaching and Gestalt therapy. Other methods may include nutritional counseling, massage, spiritual guidance, Reiki and hypnosis. Many holistic counselors are certified in multiple modes of healing, which can add to tuition costs and take more time to complete. These additional certifications are not necessary for a practice, however, they may offer a level of treatment that other therapists don't offer. Unlike traditional forms of psychotherapy, holistic counselors do not need a license to practice. New Age Counseling Center uses some holistic therapies.

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