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Holistic Counseling Services


Coming to our website is the first step to getting better. Sometimes you just need someone to talk to help you through a difficult situation or make a decision you've been strugging with for some period of time.

Most people have moments of feeling down (depression), fear, anger, resentment, judgment or other issues. In most cases, effective communication resolves those issues. Even couples that have been together for many years can have a break down in communication and can get back on track with counseling.

The counseling center provides a safe setting where patients can find inner strength and direction through personal counseling. Clients receive active support as they grow personally and spiritually from the pain and joy found in their everyday experiences and relationships. Phone and Internet (via Skype) counseling is also available. 

What we offer

School-related issues
Alcohol and drug problems
Life transitions
Family conflicts
Anxiety and depression
Incest and abuse
Sexuality (all sexual orientations welcome)
Relationship Issues
Workshops available at your location for up to 20 people
Sliding fees can be arranged. No third party payments accepted

Who Are Our Clients

Our clients are people who want to make their lives more productive and more pleasurable. They include women and men, from childhood to old age, and encompass individuals from the diverse groups that make up our metropolitan community. Whether they are anxious, depressed, withdrawn, in bereavement, in transition, in crisis we commit ourselves to their struggle, offering both our expertise and support. We also faciliate a grief counseling group. 

We are experienced in helping those with issues concerning substance abuse and addictive behaviors utilizing holistic sobriety techniques, coming-out and gender identity, uncontrolled anger, relationships, parenting and leaving the parental home. Also, people with feelings of emptiness and futility or chronic feelings of sadness who have no immediate or clear problem can be helped through identifying why they are feeling so sad and developing a plan to move their life in an upward direction.

Holistic Approach

At the New Age Counseling Center, we approach counseling from a holistic and spiritual perspective. We surround our clients with a very calm environment utilizing aromatherapy and spiritual guidance to help them. We promote a very casual environment that makes our clients feel comfortable.

Dr. Westrope is a non-sectarian ordained minister and spiritual counselor. Dr. Westrope is trained and experienced in Spiritual Counseling, Energy Healing and Prayer. We have specialized expertise in holistic healing. Dr. Westrope calls herself a holistic psychotherapist because she works with you as a whole person - mind, body and spirit - and her services are designed to guide you through all stages of your personal development.



Now, we come to you! We do in-home and in-office visits. We also do Internet counseling via webcam via Skype or Facebook Messenger. Your first visit must be held at our office OR via webcam for ID verification and completing forms. This is a new concept that starts here with the New Age Counseling Center. Call for an appointment!

Phone: (215) 479-1646


Top 10 Psychology Clinics in Morrisville, PA 2016
Sandra Kay Westrope's Practice has been recognized as one of the top Morrisville Psychology practices.
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We also offer subscription services to our patients! No other local therapist does this! Subscribe to our concierge counseling service for as little as $32 per week! Here are our plans:
$32 per week: Text and audio messaging daily. One therapist check-in per day.
$38 per week: Text and audio messaging daily. Two therapist check-ins per day.
$45 per week: Text and audio messaging daily. Two therapist check-ins per day. One Live Session per month for 30 minutes via Skype, Facebook Messenger or in our office.
Contact us and request a new pateint application. After completion, send it to us for initial evaluation. Your therapist will determine the best plan for you. Most of our clients choose the best plan in the beginning and are re-evaluated within the first month and choose a less intense therapy plan as you progress. Once you pay your first week's subscription, your texting begins immediately. And you can cancel at any time. We do not issue refunds but you can use your full subscription time once you have paid and no other charges will be made to your credit card after you cancel.
We do not take insurance. However, in most cases, you don't need it. Most people will find that our subscription service is more affordable than their co-pay for traditional therapy appointments. You can also buy subscription services for someone else. 
Sign up for this service on our Payments page and we will immediately send you an application. Your time begins with your first text session.


Click the link below to contact us by E-mail.

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